Technology in Biogetix Jewelry

Most people have heard of copper bracelets and magnetic jewelry. But few understand the benefits of combining these elements with other natural earth energies, such as far infrared radiation, negative ion emissions and germanium conductivity for added wellness benefits. Wearing these elements in contact with the skin can help increase vitality, reduce pain and elevate moods.

FIR Far Infrared

Far infrared ray-generating ceramics convert the body's natural heat to rays, facilitating blood flow to provide soothing warmth. The placement of these ceramics as inserts or cylinders supports the work of magnets to gently elevate the surface temperature of the body to aid circulation, Far infrared also helps to relieve muscle soreness and spasms, and can help relieve chronic fatigue, water retention and skin disorders.

Negative Ions Negative Ions

Negative ions are incorporated into Biogetix jewelry in one of two ways: Firstly as solid inserts set into the underside of the bracelets, or infused as negative ion powder into molded silicone sections. Negative ions are thought to help increase the flow of blood to the brain, decrease tiredness and provide greater mental energy. They can also aid in relieving physical and mental stress and can alleviate depression.

Magnet Magnets

Magnetic therapy is recognised as an aid to maintaining good health and wellbeing. Magnets can ease pain and discomfort caused by arthritis, and can assist with headaches, migraines and poor circulation. Magnets can help increase blood flow which can relieve aches and pains. Magnetic strength is measured in Gauss and the optimum Gauss range for humans for safe continuous use is between 800 to 1500 Gauss strength. Biogetix uses neodymium rare earth magnets, which are superior to the standard ferrite magnets normally used in magnetic jewelry.

Copper Copper

The wearing of copper bracelets is a well-accepted method of relieving the pain and symptoms of joint stiffness and muscular pain and strain. Biogetix copper bracelets feature pure copper. While the top and sides of the bracelet are plated to prevent tarnishing, the underside is left uncovered, so the copper benefits can be absorbed by the skin for maximum results. Biogetix also strengthens the effect of copper with the inclusion of a combination of magnets, far infrared and negative ion inserts. We call this the 'Next Generation' of copper bracelets, building upon copper's already widely accepted reputation and known benefits to the wearer.

Germanium Germanium

Germanium is an excellent conductor and enhances the effect of the magnets and far infrared components in Biogetix jewelry by improving the conductivity of the magnetic fields and ionic transfer, assisting circulation. Germanium inserts can be provided as either a ceramic compound, or as 100% mineral germanium components, according to the style of the jewelry.

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Biogetix products are not medical devices and we make no medical claims for our products whatsoever. Before wearing our products, please contact and seek advice from your doctor if you are on any medication, are pregnant, or wear a pacemaker.